Monday’s Health: Everytable – Making Healthy Food a Reality for All

I’ve interviewed many people over the years and covered numerous events. One of  my favorite stories so far this year is an interview I did with  Sarah Harris, a spokesperson for  Everytable.

You can read the interview here.   You can find out more about Everytable here.

I love the Everytable mission and concept for so many reasons.  Access to healthy, affordable food should not be reserved solely for the most affluent in our nation.  The folks at Everytable get it and decided to do something about it.  They’ve opened grab-and-go storefronts in three L.A. area locations with another opening planned for Santa Monica.  The stores sell healthy and nutritious meals at an affordable price, which is adjusted to meet the needs of the neighborhood the store serves.  Very cool.

Now, more than ever, taking action to preserve your health and that of your loved-ones should be paramount, especially when we have folks in Washington, D.C. determined to undermine a lifeline millions of families are depending on.  (Yeah, I have a lot to say about the Affordable Care debate and will tackle this topic in future posts. I promise to keep my comments “ladylike”.)

Until next time…..  Eat up  and eat healthy!



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