Gratitude and a Pedicure

I awoke today in a funk.  No real reason…. I just wasn’t feeling Wednesday.  Determined not to stay in a stank cloud, I pulled the trigger on the mental exercise that always brings me back to my center.  I started reciting aloud 10 things for which I’m grateful. (Yes, of course there’s so much more, but this is a good start).  You can never go wrong practicing a spirit of gratitude. I’ll admit, sometimes I forget to stay in this zone, but  I’m always quick to return.   Here’s my list:

  1. My health.  (I had a serious health scare in 2012.  You can read more about it in one of my earlier posts. Click here.)
  2. My parents. (My parents are well into their 70s, completely independent, and will be celebrating 54 years of marriage in August.)
  3. My siblings.  (My sister is my biggest cheerleader.  She thinks I can do anything!  My brother, though bossy at times, he’s funny as hell and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.)
  4. My precious 3-year-old nephew.  (This little guy keeps me in stitches.  For some reason he thinks everyone with reddish-brown hair resembles me! Today, he saw a woman of Asian decent and said, “She looks like Auntie Sheri!” )
  5. My tribe of girlfriends. (God has blessed me to cross paths with an amazing group of women who  pray with and for me and who are always ready to go thrift shopping!)
  6. A roof over my head. (I read a story the other day where a single mom in the U.K. was struggling to find housing for her and her two kids since she and the kid’s dad divorced.  I pray she gets help.)
  7. Access to transportation. (Yes, I love to walk, but only when I want to.)
  8. Food in my cupboards and warm running water. (I traveled to Uganda in 2015 and know first-hand that a consistent flow of warm running water is indeed a luxury taken for granted by many.)
  9. A sound mind. ( My daily prayer — “I could be many things God, but please don’t allow me to be mentally disturbed.”)
  10. No student loan debt. (I’ve been blessed to complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and haven’t had to pay a dime.  My parents were able  to cover the cost of my undergraduate degree.  Years later when I decided to pursue my Master’s, my employer at the time offered tuition assistance and I took full advantage of this employee benefit.  Yes, God is good like that!)

Next, I treated myself to a pedicure.  Ahhh……..    I’m good now.




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