Monday’s Health: June is National Men’s Health Month

Oh, how we love the men in our lives!  Starting with my dad, I’m blessed to have grown up surrounded by strong, hardworking men.  If you’re anything like me, keeping them healthy is a labor of love.  After all, without them, who’s going to fix the stuff that needs fixing?  You get the picture – right?

Well, June is National Men’s Health Month.  If you’ve been trying to get your guy to take better care of himself, now’s a great time to have that discussion. Here’s a few health tips to help get the conversation started:

1) HEART HEALTH – Heart disease remains the #1 threat to men’s health.

2) WORKOUT – Exercising 30min/day, 5x/week will help maintain a healthy body weight and lead to better mood, improved sleep, and heart health.

3) GET CHECKED – The lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer is 1 in 8 men, so early detection/screening is important.

4) TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE? – Urinary symptoms (frequency, urgency, waking up at night, weak stream) are signs of an enlarged prostate. Prostate cancer tends not to have symptoms.

5) CHECK YOURSELF – A monthly self exam may just save a young man’s life!

6) RED FLAG – Erectile dysfunction in young men may be the first warning sign for cardiovascular (heart) disease.
7) RIVER, NOT A POND – 8 glasses of water a day may keep kidney stones away.

8) MAKE IT COUNT – On average, men live less than 5 years longer than women.

9) EAT WELL, FEEL WELL – Add 1 fruit & vegetable to each meal for clean, healthy eating.

10) MEN’S HEALTH MONTH – National Men’s Health Week culminates with Father’s Day,  designated a nationally celebrated holiday in 1972.

–Source: Inova Health



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