Meet My New Favorite Coffee Creamer

I read an inspiring article the other day about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.  (Boy, I wish I knew then what I’m discovering now.)  In my quest to take steps (itty, bitty baby steps) in this direction, I decided to start with my morning brew.  I like it hot, strong and full of cream.  And as you can imagine, the extra cream has not been particularly kind to my mid-section.  ‘Girl, you need to handle this’……   I know…. working on it!

Oh, I’ve tried alternatives to dairy creamers like some soy products but have always been disappointed.  I’ve even tried the powdered creamers.  (Sorry, but I hate those! Yuk!)

What’s a girl to do without cream in her coffee in the morning?

Well, I visited our local Better Health store the other day and stumbled across Califia Farms. (Oh my! Where, oh where, Califia Farms have you been all my life?) . I purchased their Better Half Coconut Cream & Almond dairy free creamer.  Amazing!  Devine!  Crazy Goodness! Did I mention I was pleased?

Yes, I will be purchasing more products from Califia Farms.   If you’re already in the know – good for you!

If you’re late to the party like me, you can read more about Califia Farms and their cool array of dairy-free creamers here.






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